Quick Overview of What We Can Do For You:

  • Work with your PowerPoint or Word files to convert them quickly to an eLearning course
  • Assist with developing quizzing and activities that can assess if learning has taken place
  • Add audio, animations or video to your courses to make them more engaging
  • Convert your elearning courses to any language
  • Assist with curriculum design and development

There are many off-the-shelf software solutions out there that claim results by their quick-to-market (rapid eLearning) development time and ease of use. However, what these tools do not allow for is customization of the learning experience. Students are provided with a standard, sometimes boring and "clunky" page-turning course that can leave them with a poor view of eLearning. Can you imagine true quality learning from a PDF as a course? The experience can also fail to achieve the goal of competent and well-trained staff by the end of the program who are able to apply the information to their real-world jobs.

Media Learning Systems creates fully customized, feature-rich, and highly interactive award-winning eLearning courses programmed in either HTML5 or with Flash media. Our belief is that effectively designed online environments lead to better trained learners. Each one of our courses is developed from scratch in any language of your choosing. Your specific needs and objectives always guide our development process. We are constantly striving to combine the latest in cutting-edge technology and educational research with our clients' needs to produce a top-quality product.

At Media Learning Systems, we want both our clients and their students to achieve success. Having satisfied clients is how our firm has made it to the top of the eLearning industry, and we will never waiver from our commitment to providing customized courseware development.

From needs analysis through design and customization, MLS was easy to work with. A very short turnaround and a high-quality product on this eLearning effort led to exceeding my desired learning outcomes for our many TELUS communications professionals.
R.J. McLeod
Manager - Network Systems
National Network Operations Center


Client: Fairmont Resorts and Hotels International (FRHI)

Project Title: Food and Beverage Manager's Training

Industry: Hospitality & Tourism

Date: 2014/15

Project Scope:

This Flash-based four module course program is part of a larger eLearning strategy for this prestigious and well known hotel brand. We were able to create a custom course experience for their food and beverage managers worldwide. By using simulation-based testing throughout as well as interactive case-based learning samples, we ensured learning retention and transfer to students' real-world jobs.

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