About Our Company

Welcome to Media Learning Systems, an award-winning global eLearning company that, for over 20 years, has been developing interactive, highly intuitive computer-based training programs geared towards the adult learner. The following are our core competencies:

  1. Multi-lingual HTML5 courses developed for desktop and mobile devices
  2. MOODLE consulting, development and hosting
  3. Websites and learning portals to accompany eLearning programs
  4. Corporate software training solutions
  5. SCORM consulting

Our Mission Statement Is Clear

We are committed to designing, developing and delivering engaging eLearning solutions that combine sound instructional design principles with the use of leading-edge technology. Our goal is for adult students to achieve measurable success with our e-courses, and learn new skills that can be applied to their field of work. This, in turn, ensures our clients' return on investment (ROI).

How We Accomplish Our Goals

We attribute our noteworthy success to the way we do things in comparison to the competition. Our firm is led by Dr. Jonathan Ross who holds a PhD in eLearning/Educational Technology, and is one of only a handful of web-based, eLearning and Instructional eDesign specialists in North America.

With research published in reputable journals, relevant University teaching experience, and a track record of managing a vast array of hundreds of eLearning courses spanning well over 20 years, Dr. Ross involves himself in every project we undertake. This ensures that courses meet the highest level of adult learning and instructional design principles.

Our Guarantee To You!

When you hire Media Learning Systems, you will be working directly with Dr. Ross--from design of your project through to implementation and post-evaluation of its success. This value added service is provided at no extra cost to you, our valued client.

In Focus: Dr. J L Ross, CEO & Founder

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About Jonathan

I am founder of Media Learning Systems Inc (MLS), and have been with the company since its early days as a small University-based development unit (view "How It All Started" below for more details). I received my PhD in Educational Technology from the University of Calgary in 2000, studying how adult learning attributes such as cognitive style, personality preferences and subject matter knowledge impact learning at a distance with technology. I have published my research worldwide in refereed academic journals, and I have taught adult learning theory for over 12 years at Mount Royal University. Currently, I am collaborating with Ryerson University in Toronto, researching m-Learning and emerging trends with mobile technology and social interactions.

My thesis research discovered that by structuring effective online course environments which positively impact learning outcomes requires first reaching and then teaching the distance student. This means we must take into account learning styles in how we develop eLearning applications, and vary instruction so all users can feel accommodated. What seems like a "no brainer" today was quite novel back in the late 90s, and my findings helped guide the strategic direction I chose to take with Media Learning Systems.

My commitment to the learner remains strong after all of these years; MLS continues to create multimedia-rich applications that ask students to apply knowledge from their eLearning experiences to their real-world jobs using simulation-based applications and decision tree analysis when appropriate. I am very proud of what my company and our talented team of developers have accomplished, including our 5 awards for eLearning excellence over the years. We look forward to many more years of service to the eLearning profession!

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How It All Started

Media Learning Systems produced a compelling course for our organization that exceeded our expectations and helped bring a new era of mobile learning to our employees around Europe. Dr. Ross met with us numerous times. He helped address our needs, and is a highly capable and experienced practioner. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Ross, or Media Learning Systems."
Warran J Buckely
British Telecom

Our Latest Awards!

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